Kevin, Its been an absolute pleasure working with you these past years! I found you to be very honest and trustworthy, two qualities that I have immence respect for. I consider you a friend not just a business associate. I have not met you in person but it is on my list for my next visit to Kelowna! Of course you can refund Katie’s deposit. Thank her for me for being such a good tenant. Kevin I have appreciated your council when it came to this condo. I must admit it kept me up some nights!

Thankyou until we meet in person!

Best regards to you and your family!

Brent and Carol

I had no idea what to expect from a property manager as I had never used one before. Right from day one, Kevin and his team were awesome to deal with. I lived 8 hours from my rental unit, and was never worried, as Kevin managed to take care of any situation that arose, I was always kept abreast with any important details, and Kevin was always thorough to ensure good tenants were in my rental unit. I would use Kevin and his team again in the future and highly recommend him.